Questions and Answers

On this page, we have compiled some of the most common questions related to preparing and submitting a phone for repair. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can of course contact our customer service. For more technical questions, we suggest you visit our “Do It Yourself” pages where our technicians have gathered their best tips on how to self-diagnose and optimize your phone.

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My insurance company is not on the list?

If your insurance company is not on the list of insurance companies, it means that we do not cooperate with exactly that company. You can, of course, send your device to us and in the future ask for compensation from your insurance company.

Simply complete the registration without choosing any insurance company.

How long will it take to repair my phone if I choose to send it in?

Most phones are returned to the owners the same day they enter the workshop. This means that you will usually have your phone returned within three business days of submitting it.

Some manufacturers, on the other hand, require the phone to be sent to a central workshop in Europe. Therefore, if you have a device from HTC, Microsoft or Apple, it may take up to a week before the phone is repaired and ready to be sent, depending on what is wrong with it.

If we are missing spare parts due to delivery problems at the manufacturer, then we will contact you and keep you informed about the waiting time.

Why is there no price for the repair I have chosen?

At the moment, we only have fixed prices for the most common models and injuries. If your phone is not included in our drop-down menu, you can still search for your brand and your phone model. All the models we are certified on will come from if you enter the details in the searchable field as it says “Write here”. Find your model and describe the problem, and we will send you a cost estimate.

Here’s how:

Choose trademark (start by entering the brand in the field where it says “Write here”)
Select phone (enter the model name in the “Write here” field if you can’t find it)
Describe the problem in the text field
Go to the cashier and send in your phone
We investigate it and then send you a cost estimate that you can choose to accept or reject
If you reject the estimate, we will send the phone back at no charge.

Does it cost anything if I choose to thank the cost estimate I get?

Nei. Hvis vårt kostnadsoverslag av en eller annen grunn ikke er i tråd med dine forventninger, så kan du alltid takke nei til reparasjonen. Om du har sendt inn din telefon til oss via Posten, vil du få et sendingsgebyr for retursendingen. Men om du har kommet innom en av våre butikker for og få et kostnadsoverslag, så vil du ikke måtte betale noe om du ikke ønsker reparasjonen. Hvis du heller vil kaste telefonen, så kan vi selvsagt hjelpe deg, slik at den blir gjenvunnet i henhold til relevante miljørelaterte lover og regler.

I can't find my phone in the drop-down menu used to create an order?

If your phone is not included in our lists, then you can easily search by brand and model by starting typing in the field where it says “Write here”. If we are authorized for your phone, it will appear to be selectable. Some slightly less common models at the moment we cannot offer fixed prices. Instead, we ask you to describe your problem, and we will come to you with a cost estimate when we have taken a look at the phone.

If you choose to decline our offer, we will send the phone in return for free.

How can I place an order online?

In the drop-down menu on our created repair fix repair pages you will find the most common trademarks, models and problems already defined. Find your model and choose one or more issues that you want fixed. Then click on the green “Create Repair” button.

Review your order and make any necessary changes, and please write a more detailed description of the problem to our service technicians and then go to the checkout. The money is reserved on your card, but is not withdrawn until the repair is completed and the phone is returned.

Once your order is registered, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to prepare, package, and submit your device. The confirmation message you receive in your inbox also contains the username and password you can use to track your order.

Do not forget to upload or send a receipt or a valid warranty certificate if you believe the repair should be covered by the warranty.

Can I send a damaged phone by mail?

Yes it is going well. Just click on create repair and select the brand and phone model in the first two drop-down menus. Then select one or more problems in the third drop-down menu. If the problem you have is not listed, click “Other” and describe the problem for us.

Once you have chosen the trademark, model and problem, click on “Create Repair” and proceed to the checkout. Once your order is registered, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to prepare, package, and submit your device. More difficult than that is not!

Preparation and sending

Where can I follow the repair status?

If you want to follow your repair or look at a cost estimate, click on the gray box with the text “Follow my repair” in the top right corner of this page. Then enter the username and password that you received in the confirmation message when you created the service order.

Do you need the passcode for my phone?

No, we rather see that you turn off the passcode before sending the phone to us. If the phone is dead and you cannot turn off locking with the passcode, we want you to send it to us. You can then enter it in a message to us when you register the order.

Do you need my SIM card?

Nei, vi har egne SIM-kort som vi bruker til å teste. Vi ser helst at du tar SIM-kortet ditt ut av telefonen før du sender den inn.

Why do I need to turn off "Find My iPhone" before submitting my phone?

It is Apple itself that requires “Find My iPhone” to be disabled before we can service the device. The reason for this is that it should not be possible to reset the phone to the factory setup without the owner being told. If the “Find My iPhone” feature is turned on, we cannot run diagnostics and / or service.

You can turn off “Find My iPhone” on your phone by going to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone> Turn Off Feature. Confirm with your Apple ID.

You can also turn it off from your iCloud account by logging in through another device.

How to prepare my Android phone for repair?

1. Back up the data on your Android device: Go to Settings> Account> Select Google Account and select everything you want to sync
2. Remove the PIN or send us the code before submitting the phone
3. Log out of your Google Account
4. Remove the SIM card, covers, and / or screen film from the phone and only supply accessories that are relevant to the specific problem.
Now your phone is ready to be sent in for service!

How do I prepare my iPhone for repair?

How do I prepare my iPhone for repair?
1. Back up the data on your iPhone, either via iCloud or iTunes (see separate backup answer)
2. Remove your passcode: Go to Settings> Touch ID and passcode> Enter your code and select “Turn off passcode”. If you have a device without Touch ID, go to Settings> Passcode. On iPhone X, select Settings> Face ID and Passcode.
3. Disable “Find My iPhone”: (Go to Settings> [Your Name]> iCloud> Find My iPhone and Turn Off Find My iPhone
4. Remove the SIM card, covers, and / or screen film from the phone and only supply accessories that are relevant to the specific problem.
Now your phone is ready to be sent in for service!

How can I pack my phone in the best way?

We recommend that you find a stable small box in cardboard or cardboard (large enough for space for the unit and some filling material both above, below and on the sides). The filler material may consist of shredded and clamped newsprint, bubble wrap or packing chips. Make sure the filler keeps the device in place so that it is not thrown back and forth during transportation. Use a strong tape to close the box.

Do not forget that you need to print the service order and the packing slip that was posted with the confirmation message. Place the service order around the phone with the barcode out before placing it in the box. That way we can easily scan your device when it enters our workshop. Pack the package slip on the box and deliver it to a post office. Remember that you must take care of the return receipt.

Don’t forget that you need to unlock your PIN and disable “Find My iPhone” if you have an Apple phone!

Må jeg sikkerhetskopiere dataene på telefonen før jeg sender den inn?

Ja, vi anbefaler alltid at du sikkerhetskopierer dataene på enheten din før du sender telefonen eller nettbrettet til oss. Enkelte feil krever at vi utfører en tilbakestilling til fabrikkoppsettet på enheten og da forsvinner alle data som er på den.

Mobylife kan ikke ta på seg ansvar for eventuelle tapte data.


Can you provide warranty service on my phone even if it has external damage?

Since we are an authorized workshop, we always follow the guidelines of the manufacturers. In the case of warranty repairs, it is our job to ensure that the damage is not caused by improper handling or unnatural external influences. Likewise, we are happy to occasionally repair or replace defective parts that fall under warranty, even if the phone came in for other reasons.

For example, if your phone has a cracked screen or damaged frame, then we cannot repair it without changing the screen or frame as well. This is due in part to the fact that the manufacturers require us to return the phone without error, but also because the glass usually breaks more when we open the phone. This makes it impossible to close it again so that it becomes clogged. Likewise, a damaged frame can cause a new / whole screen to not become completely sealed. If the phone is not clogged, moisture and dirt can get into future problems.

If our survey shows that the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover all costs (or if we have to change parts other than those listed online for out-of-warranty repair orders), we will contact you with a cost estimate before we begin the repair. . You can always choose not to repair your phone when we send you the cost estimate. If you choose to decline the offer, we will send you the phone in return. There will be a fee for returning by mail. But if you have delivered your phone in one of our stores, no return costs will accrue.

Can you repair the phone even if I've had it inside a non-authorized workshop?

Siden vi er et autorisert verksted som følger retningslinjene til produsentene, så kan vi ikke utføre service på enheter som inneholder deler som ikke er originale eller som har blitt åpnet og lukket uten produsentenes spesialverktøy.

Men vi kan derimot likevel reparerer de fleste enheter, men da utenfor garantien. Hvis produsenten nekter for at det er en garantireparasjon, så vil vi sende deg et kostnadsoverslag på hva servicen vil koste. Hvis du velger å akseptere kostnadsoverslaget som vil beløpet i overslaget bli reservert på kortet ditt, og selve betalingen vil bli utført etter avsluttet service. Hvis du velger å ikke akseptere kostnadsoverslaget så betaler vi returfrakt og kostnadene ved sjekken av telefonen, og du betaler bare frakt inn til oss.

Is my warranty affected by a service or repair at iServices?

No, your warranty is not affected by a service with us. We are an authorized service workshop that has an agreement with all the trademarks we handle. That way, you can be sure that your warranty still applies, even after a service with us!

As a thank you for choosing an authorized workshop, we also provide you with a separate warranty of three months for work performed and spare parts used. This means that even if your warranty has expired, we take responsibility for the service we provide.

However, our guarantee does not cover if the phone falls down, is lost or by water / moisture damage.

What does the iServices guarantee guarantee?

iServices’ warranty is valid for three months and covers the work and spare parts connected to your specific repair. However, our guarantee does not apply if the phone is exposed to external influences such as. damages resulting from its loss, unauthorized interference with the phone and / or fluid and moisture.

Remember, since we are an authorized brand workshop, your warranty will not be affected by our service. It continues to apply just as before.