iPhone Curved Screen protector COPTER

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Copter Curved Exoglass screen protector for iPhone.

This protection glass covers larger portion of the screen than Flat(standart) model.

Exoglass is a screen protector of the highest quality, which helps to reduce the risk of damage such as scratches or broken screen glass of phone.

The glass does not affect the user experience of the mobile phone, and the glass only builds 0.3 mm extra on the phone. The glass also has its own protection against splinters, so that no pieces of glass should come loose, even if the protection glass will crack or shatter as a result of shocks or other damages to the screen.

The package contains: 1 pc. Copter®Exoglass, 1 pc. Copter®Alcopad, 1 pc. Copter®Cleaning cloth, 1 pc Copter®Dust sticker and instructions for installation.

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