Wireless Fast Charger for iPhone & Android, 15W

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SiGN Wireless Quick Charger for iPhone & Android, 15W - Black

Place your iPhone or Android on the charging pad and it charges instantly. Avoid tangles with tangled cables that get tangled and break, evenly. With SiGN wireless quick chargers, charging does not have to be so cumbersome.

Twice as fast, twice as good with fast charging

Charge your iPhone or Android device twice as fast with compatible devices. Mobiles that do not support fast charging are charged at standard speed (5W).


Supports fast charging for both iPhone and Android (15W)
LED indicators - illuminates a blue LED during connection / charging
FOD protection (Foreign object damage) - protects against damage from foreign objects
Can be loaded with shell on (max 8 mm)

The package contains:

1x SiGN Wireless Quick Charger for iPhone / Android, 15W
1x USB-A to USB-C cable 1 m


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