About Us

iServices is a repair workshop for both businesses, retailers and the private market. We deliver high quality service and fast service times, and we service all Apple products wherever the products are purchased. Warranty service, payable service and insurance, on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Beats by Dre.


Here you will find ESD security and quality at all levels, and our technicians are all Apple certified and educated data electronics. We have emphasized creating a structured and streamlined production at the workshop so that technicians can focus on what technicians do best, troubleshoot, test and repair products.

Fast and easy

The service portal is fast and easy to use and we accept all Apple products for service. Old as new, regardless of where they are bought, which operator they may be bound to, or what damage / defect they have. We have a fixed price for backup and data transfer on all iOS devices, and we have a fixed price for working hours during repairs. In addition, we probably have the market’s fastest service time of 3 days on average.

Different business customers

We work with several types of businesses. Below you can see the main types.

  • Insurance Companies
    We have long and broad experience in dealing with insurance matters. We are well acquainted with the challenges that exist, and have systems for correct and orderly handling of service, shipping and communication between several parties.
  • Service Providers
    Companies that offer service and receive physical products at one or more locations, and who then handle the product and further submission to the workshop.
  • Service Agents
    Companies that offer service and who need to register service orders and arrange shipping on behalf of an end customer, but who do not physically handle product and submission to the workshop.
  • Companies and institutions
    Bedrifter og institusjoner som benytter Apple-produkter, og som gjerne har en/flere personerĀ ansvarlig for service og logistikk knyttet til dette.